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Hector LaFarga, Jr. at Social Innovation Fast Pitch
Mothers' Club's Executive Director pitches our case for support


One mother shares her gratitude for Mothers' Club....

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The Power to Shape Lives: Mothers' Club and You
Meet a Mothers' Club Family....

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Mothers' Club Honors Sue Kujawa for 25 Years of Leadership

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The Power of Two : Mothers' Club
Made possible by the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation and Film Garden Entertainment

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In March 2005, Film Garden Entertainment and the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation launched The Greenhouse at Film Garden, a program that produces documentaries at no cost to non-profit charitable organizations by utilizing the talents of aspiring filmmakers. Participating filmmakers receive mentoring, hands-on experience and an opportunity to showcase their work, while selected charities receive quality documentaries that leverage their efficiency in fundraising and community outreach....

"The brilliance of The Greenhouse is that it gives non-profits a highly valuable tool that they otherwise would not easily obtain," said Dana Marcus, Executive Director of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, whose grantees were being selectively partnered with Greenhouse filmmakers.



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